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Perry Popular Ellis Men's Vest Reservation Solid

Perry Ellis Men's Solid Vest


Perry Ellis Men's Solid Vest

Product description

A dress vest should always be a part of any gentleman’s style arsenal. Whether you’ll be attending a wedding as a groomsman, or heading to a formal function like a graduation, adding a refined 3-pocket vest to your outfit is a surefire way to be the most dapper man in the room. Pair with matching jacket and pants for a formal event, or with jeans and a button-down for a more casual look.

From the manufacturer

Perry Ellis Men's Solid Vest Perry Ellis Men's Solid Jacket Perry Ellis Men's Solid Pant
A dress vest should always be a part of any gentleman’s style arsenal. Wrinkle free jacket stays smooth even when you're traveling. Durable, comfortable dress pants for any occasion.

Perry Ellis Men's Solid Vest

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Health and Fitness
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