$100 Schluter Systems KERDI-BOARD-SN KB12SN305711A1 Shower Niche 12 I Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Schluter Popular Systems KERDI-BOARD-SN KB12SN305711A1 Niche Shower 12 I /bergylt689257.html,KERDI-BOARD-SN,Systems,Schluter,Niche,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,I,Shower,12,$100,KB12SN305711A1,dmdiseno.cl $100 Schluter Systems KERDI-BOARD-SN KB12SN305711A1 Shower Niche 12 I Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures /bergylt689257.html,KERDI-BOARD-SN,Systems,Schluter,Niche,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,I,Shower,12,$100,KB12SN305711A1,dmdiseno.cl Schluter Popular Systems KERDI-BOARD-SN KB12SN305711A1 Niche Shower 12 I

Schluter Popular Systems KERDI-BOARD-SN KB12SN305711A1 Niche Shower 12 5 ☆ popular I

Schluter Systems KERDI-BOARD-SN KB12SN305711A1 Shower Niche 12 I


Schluter Systems KERDI-BOARD-SN KB12SN305711A1 Shower Niche 12 I

Product description

Prefabricated Schluter Shower Niches are quick and easy to install and fully compatible with KERDI-LINE products including KERDI-BOARD shower assemblies. They combine comfort, convenience, and design and are available in multiple sizes and shapes to fit any décor.

Schluter Systems SHELF-N is a rectangular shelf designed to fit into the KERDI-BOARD-SN prefabricated niches. Available in Floral and Curve STYLE designs, the shelf is made of either brushed stainless steel, or color-coated aluminum in a choice of 6 TRADELINE colors. SHELF-N can be easily installed in tandem with tile.

Wedi Joint Sealant (Caulk) is used to seal or join KERDI-BOARD products, it forms watertight, weather-resistant seals on joints and seams.

Kobau Band is a pliable waterproofing membrane strip designed to waterproof butt joints and floor-to-wall connections in bath and shower installations. Its sheet form allows it to be molded and cut to any imaginable shape. It is covered in an anchoring fleece on both sides, allowing it to be set in a place with thin-set mortar.


  • KB12SN305711A1 KERDI Shower Niche 12" x 28"
  • SNS1D6EB SHELF-N Rectangular Curve Brushed Stainless Steel 11-13/16" x 3-7/16" (300mm x 89mm)
  • KOBAU Band 4-3/4" x 16' 5" (12cm x 5m)
  • Wedi Joint Sealant Tube 10.5 Oz (310ml)

Schluter Systems KERDI-BOARD-SN KB12SN305711A1 Shower Niche 12 I

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