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Kariban 40% OFF Cheap Sale Mens Contemporary Softshell Jacket 3 Performance Fees free Layer

Kariban Mens Contemporary Softshell 3 Layer Performance Jacket


Kariban Mens Contemporary Softshell 3 Layer Performance Jacket

Product description

Softshell 3 layer bonded fabric. Performance membrane mid layer and microfleece inner layer. Zip through front, two front zipped pockets, one zipped pocket on left sleeve. Size Chest (to fit) S - 36” M - 38” L - 40” XL - 42” XXL - 44/46”. Fabric 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane Breathable up to 3000mm and Water Resistant Up To 6000mm Weight 300gsm

Kariban Mens Contemporary Softshell 3 Layer Performance Jacket

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