20V Ranking TOP2 Li-ion 6000mAh Pack Battery for Porter PCC685L Cable for,/clubfoot858934.html,6000mAh,Cable,PCC685L,Battery,dmdiseno.cl,20V,Li-ion,$25,Pack,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Porter,Battery $25 20V Li-ion 6000mAh Pack Battery for Porter Cable PCC685L Battery Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools for,/clubfoot858934.html,6000mAh,Cable,PCC685L,Battery,dmdiseno.cl,20V,Li-ion,$25,Pack,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Porter,Battery 20V Ranking TOP2 Li-ion 6000mAh Pack Battery for Porter PCC685L Cable $25 20V Li-ion 6000mAh Pack Battery for Porter Cable PCC685L Battery Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

20V Ranking TOP2 Li-ion Albuquerque Mall 6000mAh Pack Battery for Porter PCC685L Cable

20V Li-ion 6000mAh Pack Battery for Porter Cable PCC685L Battery


20V Li-ion 6000mAh Pack Battery for Porter Cable PCC685L Battery

Product description

Product Details
Battery Capacity: 6000mAh
Battery Voltage: 20v
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Condition: Brand New
Quantity: 1

Replacement Part Numbers:
FOR Porter-Cable PCC685L, PCC685LP, PCC680L, PCC682L

Compatible with Porter Cable all 20V Max Power Tools:
FOR Porter Cable 20v lithium drill
FOR Porter Cable 20v oscillating tool
FOR Porter Cable 20v bare tool
FOR Porter Cable 20v blower
FOR Porter Cable 20v flashlight
FOR Porter Cable 20v cordless tools
FOR Porter Cable 20v drill driver
FOR Porter Cable 20v nail gun

Compatible With: (Tip:use "Ctrl+F" in a text)
Detailed Models:
PCC700, PCC640, PCC601, PCCK602L2,
PCCK604L2, PCC790LA, PCC670B, PCC700B,
PCC650B, PCC660B, PCCK617L6,
PCC772B, PCC710B, PCCK616L4, PCCK600LB, PCC641,
PCCK614L4, PCCK604LA, PCC620B, PCCK617L6R,
PCCK619L8, PCCK605L2R, PCC650BR, PCCK602L2R, PCCK612L2R,
PCC640B, PCC791B, PCCK612L2, PCC601LA, PCC670BR, etc.

20V Li-ion 6000mAh Pack Battery for Porter Cable PCC685L Battery

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