Super popular specialty store Oval Cabochon Bezel Gemstone Split Boho Pink Statement Qua Shank $35,Bezel,Split,Shank,Cabochon,Gemstone,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Boho,Statement,Oval,,/decimalist961649.html,Qua,Pink $35,Bezel,Split,Shank,Cabochon,Gemstone,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Boho,Statement,Oval,,/decimalist961649.html,Qua,Pink $35 Oval Cabochon Bezel Gemstone Split Shank Boho Statement Pink Qua Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Super popular specialty store Oval Cabochon Bezel Gemstone Split Boho Pink Statement Qua Shank $35 Oval Cabochon Bezel Gemstone Split Shank Boho Statement Pink Qua Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

OFFicial mail order Super popular specialty store Oval Cabochon Bezel Gemstone Split Boho Pink Statement Qua Shank

Oval Cabochon Bezel Gemstone Split Shank Boho Statement Pink Qua


Oval Cabochon Bezel Gemstone Split Shank Boho Statement Pink Qua

Product description

Experience the beauty. Moonstone jewelry is still a hot trend. If you love Retro 60s Style jewelry, this beautiful sterling silver ring is for you. The sparkling translucent color changing rainbow Moonstone set inside the long oval bezel catches the light magnificently while the split silver ring band adds a touch of romantic glamour. This silver ring is crafted with 925 sterling silver and is enhanced by rhodium plating to add to the high quality of this inexpensive yet gorgeous jewelry. With this beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry you can add a touch of whimsical fashion magic to your outfit.. Buy this for your friend or daughter.

Oval Cabochon Bezel Gemstone Split Shank Boho Statement Pink Qua

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