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Max 51% OFF Antique Max 84% OFF Nautical Brass Walking Stick Horse carved Custom Dr Hand

Antique Nautical Brass Walking Stick Custom Hand carved Horse Dr


Antique Nautical Brass Walking Stick Custom Hand carved Horse Dr

Product description

Worldwide Best Design Wood Shaft Size = 37 inch to 39 inch Approx Metal = Aluminum /Brass / Wooden WITH ANTIQUE LOOK UNIQUE IN DESIGN Open in 3 piece easy to carry anywhere This Victorian Walking Cane is a classic take on the locomotive accessory, featuring intrinsic detailing as well as substantial strength that makes it a stellar accessory for anyone to have, whether they want support, style, or both This is beautiful walking stick. Handle fits very comfortable in hand. Very nice wooden shaft with stylish inlaid detail. Made of good quality wood and brass. Beautiful walking stick for collector.

Antique Nautical Brass Walking Stick Custom Hand carved Horse Dr

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