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FCZ Bedding Set A surprise New Orleans Mall price is realized White Spider Web Extral Blue Net Twin Long Dark

FCZ Bedding Set White Spider Web Net Dark Blue Extral Long Twin


FCZ Bedding Set White Spider Web Net Dark Blue Extral Long Twin

Product description

Size:Extra Long Twin 71 x 83 \ 19 x 29 in

Modern Personalized Bedding Set Comfortable Decorative Duvet Cover Set.
Material:Made from 100% Polyester.Durable material,soft,make your skin more comfortable.
Printing:Duvet Cover :One side print.Pillow Shams:Twin sides print.Professional Print Technology.Birght Color.Never faded.
Size:Twin: Duvet cover(59""x79"")+2 pillow case(19""x29"") Weight: 1 kg
Extra Long Twin: Duvet cover(71""x83"")+2 pillow case(19""x29"") Weight:1.2 kg
Full: Duvet cover(79""x91"")+2 pillow case(19""x29"") Weight: 1.3 kg
Queen: Duvet cover(88""x90"")+2 pillow case(19""x29"") Weight: 1.4 kg
King: Duvet cover(102""x90"")+2 pillow case(19""x29"") Weight: 1.5 kg
California King: Duvet cover(106""x92"")+2 pillow case(20""x36"") Weight: 1.6 kg
Easy to Use:The duvet cover has a hassle-free hidden zipper amp; pillow shams have envelope closures.
Care:Machine Wash Cold With Like Colors, Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed, Tumble Dry Low.
Suit For Children,boys,girls,women,men,couple,school,home,adult,Teens and etc
If you have any questions,please feel free to email us,we will reply you in time.

FCZ Bedding Set White Spider Web Net Dark Blue Extral Long Twin

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