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AKIMPE Max 85% OFF Women's Fuzzy Jacket Faux Fur Cardigan Many popular brands Coat Front Open Su

AKIMPE Women's Fuzzy Jacket Faux Fur Coat Open Front Cardigan Su


AKIMPE Women's Fuzzy Jacket Faux Fur Coat Open Front Cardigan Su

Product description

The Women's Stylish, Track Jacket Coat Tops with stretch fabric that keeps up with your cool weather workout.
The full zip stand collar neck and stylish metal zipper detail will also make this your must have for casual daily wear.
The classic jacket is redefined with a sexy slim fit and a sporty silhouette for a casual luxury that is iconic to Akimpe. Akimpe velour fabrication offers the lux look of velvet with stretch and a soft hand-feel for comfy casual wear. Plush pile enhances vibrant colors. Stable construction contours the silhouette. The definition of casual luxury, our signature track styles can be worn up or down for a quintessentially juicy look wherever you go. 78 percent cotton 22 percent polyester velour. Machine wash cold, inside out, delicate with like colors. Remove promptly, tumble dry low, cool iron, reverse side. Do not dry clean.
Take it anywhere
Lightweight enough to be easily packed .Take it with you and store it anywhere. This jacket is light enough to fold into a pocket or backpack to help withstand a downpour at a moment’s notice.

Made of material, breathable and not easy to wrinkle, perfect to wear in the rainly days to keep you from rain and wind.
Outdoor Sport in cold weather
Suitable for outdoor activities,like Running/Climbing/Hiking/Camping/Skiing/Cycling and other outdoors.
Daily fashion outwear
This jacket will easily give you a slimming fashion look. It can serve as a perfect casual daily outwear.
This plus size jacket with rich color choice is manufactured by “Akimpe”, a professional factory,which owned rich experience in making the USA or European clothes , and have already cooperated with many overseas brands.
Pls only purchase this rain jacket from "Akimpe" ,other sellers are fake sellers who may deliver the counterfeit jackets.

AKIMPE Women's Fuzzy Jacket Faux Fur Coat Open Front Cardigan Su

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