$77 Outdoor Surveillance IP Camera 3G/4G Sim Card 1080P HD PTZ CCTV Electronics Camera Photo Outdoor Finally popular brand Surveillance IP Camera 3G 4G Card CCTV HD 1080P PTZ Sim Outdoor Finally popular brand Surveillance IP Camera 3G 4G Card CCTV HD 1080P PTZ Sim $77 Outdoor Surveillance IP Camera 3G/4G Sim Card 1080P HD PTZ CCTV Electronics Camera Photo Electronics , Camera Photo,3G/4G,Camera,$77,Sim,PTZ,IP,HD,CCTV,Card,Outdoor,Surveillance,1080P,dmdiseno.cl,/hemogenic961596.html Electronics , Camera Photo,3G/4G,Camera,$77,Sim,PTZ,IP,HD,CCTV,Card,Outdoor,Surveillance,1080P,dmdiseno.cl,/hemogenic961596.html

Outdoor Charlotte Mall Finally popular brand Surveillance IP Camera 3G 4G Card CCTV HD 1080P PTZ Sim

Outdoor Surveillance IP Camera 3G/4G Sim Card 1080P HD PTZ CCTV


Outdoor Surveillance IP Camera 3G/4G Sim Card 1080P HD PTZ CCTV

Product description

Size:(4G camera+64G TF card)

Brand Name: AINSS
Model: IP Camera
Supported operating system: Windows 7
Supported operating system: Windows 8
Supported operating system: Windows 10
Resolution: 1080*1920P (Full HD)
Lens (mm): 3.6mm
Connectivity: 4G
Installation method: side
Wall bracket: side
Power consumption (W): lt;20w
Camera color: white
Minimum Illumination (Lux): 0.01LUX
Sensor: CMOS
Pixel: 2MP
Sensor brand: Sony
Features: Waterproof/weatherproof
Storage space: maximum support 128GB (not included)
Video compression format: H.264
Power supply: ordinary
TF card: maximum support 128GB (not included)
Infrared distance (m): 30m
is_customized: No
Power supply (V): DC 12V 2A
Rotation angle: horizontal 335°/vertical 90°
Viewing angle: 360°
Technology: PTZ control
Supported mobile system: Windows Mobile
Supported mobile system: Android
Supported mobile system: ios
Network interface: 3G/4G
Audio output: 1CH BNC
Motion detection: support
Alert measures: FTP photos
Alert Action: Email Photos
Alarm action: local alarm
Two-way audio: support
Color night vision device: support
IP66 waterproof: support
User settings: up to 5 users can be shared
Application: AI View
*Package Contents:
1 IP HD camera
1 screw bag
1 power adapter
1 x English manual

Outdoor Surveillance IP Camera 3G/4G Sim Card 1080P HD PTZ CCTV

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