/interlaudation858919.html,Cloth,Tablecloth,One,The,Leaf,dmdiseno.cl,$25,Table,Khaki,Golden,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Fabric,60x8,Big $25 The Big One Fabric Tablecloth Golden Khaki Leaf Table Cloth 60x8 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining The Big One Fabric Tablecloth Golden Cloth Khaki 60x8 Leaf 2021 spring and summer new Table The Big One Fabric Tablecloth Golden Cloth Khaki 60x8 Leaf 2021 spring and summer new Table /interlaudation858919.html,Cloth,Tablecloth,One,The,Leaf,dmdiseno.cl,$25,Table,Khaki,Golden,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Fabric,60x8,Big $25 The Big One Fabric Tablecloth Golden Khaki Leaf Table Cloth 60x8 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

The Big One Fabric Tablecloth Detroit Mall Golden Cloth Khaki 60x8 Leaf 2021 spring and summer new Table

The Big One Fabric Tablecloth Golden Khaki Leaf Table Cloth 60x8


The Big One Fabric Tablecloth Golden Khaki Leaf Table Cloth 60x8

Product description

This pretty The Big One tablecloth has a great look. It features golden khaki coloring with a subtle leave pattern. It will add style to any table

  • The Big One fabric tablecloth
  • Golden khaki coloring with subtle leave pattern
  • For the perfect table!
  • 60" by 84" oblong
  • Made from 58% cotton 42% polyester
  • Machine wash
  • Brand is The Big One

The Big One Fabric Tablecloth Golden Khaki Leaf Table Cloth 60x8

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